How to Lock Your Character

One time-saver that is a MUST on Farmville is blocking your character. This saves you a ton of time and is especially useful for higher level farmers with huge farms.

All you have to do is place haystacks or other object around your character in a squared shape. Important: When Farmville initiates your character is always placed in the same spot. This is the place where you must block him because it will make the blocking permanent. Otherwise, you would have to replace your character and re-block each time you enter the game, which is not very practical.

Some say it could be done at any location, but blocking your character at the starting point is the most efficient. Remember, if you want your character always blocked, check where he usually starts and block him in that location.

This procedure saves you a lot of time because your character doesn’t have to walk to the location where you are plowing, planting, harvesting or collecting and you will be able to do these functions automatically.

Message boards also work and they have the advantage of being totally Free. They can be found in the top, next to your farm’s name. Just surround your character very closely with the message boards in a square shape, and once you have this done you will plow and harvest twice as fast!


Farmville - Tips and Tricks for Beginners

There are codes online for trying to cheat in Farmville, but most of them don't work! Some are only "cheats" but there are also proven strategies that are the fastest way for climbing player level and earning money. There are also Guides to Farmville. Let’s see some tricks can you can use right away.

Cheats for coins

It is not really a "cheat" actually, but the trick is to know which tree and animals will provide the best money. Usually it is a good tactic to only sell a tree after it had passed through a harvest. This is because the initial gifts don’t cost any coins, but later they take up too much space and then if you sell them immediately, it allows you to make some coins at 0 cost, and then you will save time because it takes some time until the next harvest. In addition, you will receive more coins when you plant instead of raising animals.

It is like share investing, what you really want is diversity because the plants take different amounts of time to grow and harvest. To plant several different crops allows you to always have a constant supply of fresh ready to reap crops, and thus you are not waiting for crops to grow.

You also must know that the crops will grow whether you are in front of the computer or not. So, you need to know the time required for each culture to grow because you got to be able to reap them within hours or they will begin to rot, and you certainly don't want to lose your time cleaning rotting cultures.

Strawberries are the cheapest to plant and grow in 4 hours. Thus, you can start your morning sowing seeds of strawberries and then you log in 4 hours later for the harvest.

This is the culture that you begin to work with when you start playing Farmville, but is not necessarily the best product to plant because they can spoil very quickly, which means that you would have wasted all your money trying to plant a crop of strawberries.

Farmville - The Best Method for Raising XP Level

First of all, a good trick is to "secure" the farmer on one spot to accelerate their actions (Basic trick).

Do not waste your money on nothing else than 100 coins hay bales. They are like XP steroids! Oh, and make sure you leave some space on the ground for the hay bales.

100,000 coins gives you 1,000 hay bales @ 5xp each. What generates 5,000 XP points! Compares this to a 100,000 coins building that gives you only 1,000 XP…
So 1.000.000 coins will give you 50,000 XP! This is enough for levelling up, depending on where you are now.

I recommend Peas planted on a section of 20 x 17 (340) will give you 59,840 coins per harvest. This includes plowing and planting costs. With a security margin of 3 days you’ll win around 6,360 XP! Certify you save money for seeds.

The only negative thing is when you have to sell the bales of hay to free space for the next shift, which is not fun … But see the positive side of it, each "straw" gives you 5 coins in exchange!

In any case, do not purchase guides wish provide "hacks", codes and bots. They only bring the risk of losing the Facebook user account, or being banned from Farmville. There are tricks and tips that aren’t anything but improved techniques which achieve notable results. If you want to know more, visit the Farmville Secrets.

Happy farming!

Farmville Neighbourhood

Everybody wants to rise up their number of neighbours on Farmville and I bet you need some more neighbours too!

Leave a comment with your Link to your Facebook profile or leave your name and e-mail (associated with Facebook).

It’s easier if everyone cooperates for the neighbourhood network growth, either for individual level or for the global community!

The Ten Commandments of Farmville

The ten commandments of Farmville are for beginner farmers. It is a basic set of ten rules that enable you to accelerate your progress in the game, earning money level, increase XP, etc.

They help to clear the initial doubts and integrate you faster in the game.By following these simple commandments you will evolve faster, and if you have not already used them you should! Prepare to leave all of your neighbours envious…

1 – Locking your farmer allows you to perform all tasks more quickly and is typically used the entry point at the farm for this purpose.

2 – To have many neighbours is critical to help and to receive some gifts.

3 – Share gifts with your neighbours - make them to share with you too.

4 – Plant what gives you more profit financially. Then you can buy more animals, buildings and evolve faster.

5 – Plant what gives you more experience points (XP). Allows you to advance to the next level and you have access to more functions and objects.

6 – Meet the objectives of Ribbons – Allows earning more money FV to acquire objects that only can be bought with notes.

7 – Expand the Farm – So you'll have more space to plant seeds and to keep your objects.

8 – Purchase buildings – Allows you to raise your level and gain more XP.

9 – Purchase buildings to keep animals safe – Then you can reap what your animals produce at once, which saves you time.

10 – Keep yourself up with the latest news - If you need a guide to help you evolving visit Farmville Secrets.

Farmville Secrets

Are you ready to learn the secrets that many Farmville players will never know about winning coins and FV Money?

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Remember that in Farmville Secrets are revealed only allowed strategies and completely legal stuff so that you will never get banned or require external programs to play, "bots" or any illegal "hacks".

Do you think it is worth losing your account and all the hard work just to "fudge" by a handful of points and little money? I do not think so...

Don’t use strategies or "hacks" that can ban your user account.

Don’t waste your money buying money FV, get it for FREE!

Don’t be a poor "farmer" just because you don’t know these simple secrets!

Don’t buy guides that ask you the details of your user account after you ordered (they are all scams!)

Anyway, there are people who definitely should not use the Farmville Secrets. While many people enjoys it widely...

Please do NOT use this guide if:

- You prefer to struggle to SLOWLY increase level.

- You prefer to risk your account using "bots", illegal "hacks" or "cheats".

- You prefer to waste money on unproven and untested guides.

- You prefer to spend hundreds of hours to build a pathetic farm.

Click on the picture below to get to know the Farmville Secrets.

Farmville Seed Calculator

With the Farmville Seed Calculator you can calculate how many coins and XP you will win from your seeds with the simple click of a button. Choose the type of seed, the number of plots to plant on and click “Calculate Profit”! The “Net Profit” field indicates you how many coins you will receive for your seeds.

Click Here for the Farmville Seed Calculator.

Farmville - Aren’t you playing already?

Apparently after discovering Farmville nobody can get off the computer! In this game, everything is done by following a strategy and nothing is planted randomly. Some people even make calculations to discover the more advantageous tactics, like what seeds will give more profit for planting and the products that give less profit to sell.

More than 63 millions people had joined Farmville, the game where the main objective is to become a successful virtual farmer. To be able to play you only need to be a member at the Facebook social network and then join Farmville.

In your farm you can plow, seed, crop, buy animals, decoration items and equipments and even more crop area. With the harvest and your seeds you will win Money e Experience Points (XP) that will make you rise level.

This game is actually considered extremely addicting e many people use it to relax and to socialize with their online buddies.

Many players trade tips in private messages or even in Farmville Blogs. Some players plan their crop accordingly with the time that will take to collect it. So, if they are offline their farm doesn’t get harmed.

Be careful! The game is extremely addicting and a mother in the USA neglected the care for her two children so she could play Farmville. She even plugged off the router so everyone at home thought the Internet was off, so she could use it whenever their turned their back, using this technique daily. If you don’t believe it, watch the interview with Dr. Phil!

Anyway, the game is quite educative, interesting and recommended by Farmville Tips for Success Blog!