How to Lock Your Character

One time-saver that is a MUST on Farmville is blocking your character. This saves you a ton of time and is especially useful for higher level farmers with huge farms.

All you have to do is place haystacks or other object around your character in a squared shape. Important: When Farmville initiates your character is always placed in the same spot. This is the place where you must block him because it will make the blocking permanent. Otherwise, you would have to replace your character and re-block each time you enter the game, which is not very practical.

Some say it could be done at any location, but blocking your character at the starting point is the most efficient. Remember, if you want your character always blocked, check where he usually starts and block him in that location.

This procedure saves you a lot of time because your character doesn’t have to walk to the location where you are plowing, planting, harvesting or collecting and you will be able to do these functions automatically.

Message boards also work and they have the advantage of being totally Free. They can be found in the top, next to your farm’s name. Just surround your character very closely with the message boards in a square shape, and once you have this done you will plow and harvest twice as fast!

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