Level Up Fast in Farmville

Farmville is definitely the game of the moment. Almost every Facebook user is also playing Farmville, among other games. Farmville has a simple concept and it’s a very smart one. In this game you create your own virtual farm; you plant your seeds, harvest your crops, collect the money and plow the land for the next plantation.

It’s a relaxing task and it’s nice to calm down and to relax. You’ll be levelling up as you get better at the game.

Probably, after a few time you‘ll want to evolve more. Every time you raise a level you have available new seeds, decoration items and various other objects. Obviously, to get the most out of Farmville, you need level up fast and unlock as many items as you can.

You need to keep levelling up if you want to unlock new buildings and seeds to diversify your Farmville game play. To do this, you need to keep up with your crops and money!

Starting Out

What can you do to level up fast in Farmville? Of course you already know you need to accumulate experience points to level up, and every time you plant on your farm you raise your XP points. When you plow you also raise one XP point for each plot, and little by little you will be adding up all your hard work so you can evolve at the game. And every time you level up, you’ll need more XP points to get to the next level.

XP Points

What to do with the Money you earn from your crops? Besides reinvesting it on new crops, you can also expand your farm. This allows you more area to make even more money. Remember when you choose your crops to select those that give you more XP points. Some crops only give you one point, while others give you two points and even three. This doesn’t mean you should only plant the crops that give you more XP. You should pick them based also on their growth time so you can follow them and harvest on the right time.

There are crops that give you more money, but they may take more time to grow and may cost more to plant. But in the end is all worth it because you’ll be raising your profits. And remember to always follow up your crops or they will die! You should always track your crop time and plant them all together. You’ll spend a lot of money, but you will probably double it and your XP points too!


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